WE ARE FUNDED! // Spotlight on The Clubs // Some weird mythology…

We did it! 100% funded in 6 days

Welcome to all our new backers – thanks to you and everyone that came before you we’re funded after just six days! This is amazing for first timers in this wonderful world of playing cards and it is 100% down to you guys and how you’ve supported the campaign both with your pledges and with your keyboards on social media.

We funded at 3am in our timezone so we’re a little out of the loop. We need to do a big informative update to lay out our plans for the next period of the campaign but we’re still waiting on a couple of small details to finish it off.

So for now, as another sunny day begins here in Italy, we’ll leave you with our Clubs spotlight – tied in with the springtime season.

And of course, once again, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The Clubs

Our clubs family are the Roman ‘old gods’, often referred to as the Titans.’. The King of Clubs is Caelus, god of the sky. The planets and stars are seen behind him and, like the rest of the clubs, he has a colour palette relating to the springtime.

Clubs as we know them are often referred to as fiori (flowers) in Italy and this is possibly the origin of the suit’s connection with spring. However, somewhat strangely, Clubs are present in Sicilian playing cards as bastone, literally ‘clubs’. They are represented as green and red wooden clubs in the cards.

The Queen is Terra – mother Earth. Also known as Gaia, she is the feminine deity to Caelus’ masculine. Together they had a son – the Jack of Clubs’ Saturno. Saturno would later defeat his father and seize control of the universe. He later had many children, including Giunone who would go on to help Fillide in the legend behind our cards.

That’s when the mythology starts to get a bit strange…

Saturno was jealous and fearful of his children one day doing to him what he did to his father. He decided to play it safe and eat all of his children as soon as they were born.

His wife was not happy, as you’d imagine, and so when baby Giove was born she presented him with a rock instead, which he gladly swallowed. Years later, after being raised in secret, Giove would return and slay his father, seizing control of the cosmos and ruling ancient Rome with the other Olympians.

But that’s not the weird part. All his siblings were fortunately alive inside his father’s stomach. and they all escaped to rule with Giove. Obviously…

Stay Tuned

Our next update will clarify TITAN rewards and stretch goals for the coming period. See you later on today!

Anthony and Alessandra


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