The Diamonds Courts // 75% Funding // Uncut Sheets?

Hi guys!

So we’d planned to tease more information about the courts at 70%, but by the time we’d done the graphic we’d already reached almost 75%! Thank you to everyone who’s upgraded pledges and also those new backers who have come on board to help us reach this milestone.

It’s amazing to wake up and see more backers coming in overnight from all over the world and edging us ever closer to our goal ๐Ÿ™‚

Uncut Sheets

Before I get onto who the Diamonds are and what the designs represent, I’ve had a few enquiries about uncutsheets for Fillide.

It’s something we’ve enquired about at Cartamundi and are planning to explore once the project is funded, but if you are interested in getting one we’d love to hear from you so that we can better plan when to commit to this as it involves a minimum order and we wouldn’t want to overstretch ourselves.

The Diamonds

After the spades, we move onto the Diamonds and some of the other characters who inspired our design and inhabit the same world as Fillide.

The Diamonds represent Winter and the death of Fillide. The colour palette is more cold and washed out and the style takes influence more from Greek art than Roman.

Because of this the Gods depicted take on their Greek forms, as whilst similar, often there are major differences between the two. First is Ade (Hades), god of the underworld who is perhaps better-known as his Greek form than his Roman equivalent Pluto.

It was Ade and his brother Poseidone, the Jack of Diamonds, who together with Zeus defeated their parents – the old Gods – to rule the cosmos.

His wife Persefone is depicted holding a sheaf of grain, as she is often portrayed in classical Greek art. She is said to have lived in Sicily, when not spending her time in the underworld.

The Sicilian Trinacria
The Sicilian Trinacria

In Sicilian playing cards, Diamonds are represented instead by coins, or Denari. Each court has one of these coins to pay tribute to the alternative suits.

Finally, the diamonds represent the element of Earth. This can be seen referenced in the colour palette and also in the symbolism present in the Ace.

Phew! You can imagine how long it took to piece all these elements together in a logical way, whilst respecting the mythology and also telling the story!

Next Update

We’ll release information about the last two suits at 80 and 90% before a big final push. We’re currently working on a few little surprises for backers and as we get closer to the goal and more details about stretch goals so keep up the great work sharing the project and we’ll reveal more soon.

Have a great weekend!

Anthony and Ale


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