Fillide Acqua

Fillide Acqua


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Fillide Acqua Playing Cards, silver metallic ink on Cartamundi Premium B9 card stock

Inspired by the Sicilian folk legend of the origins of the almond tree, Fillide tell a timeless tale of magic and heartbreak passed down for centuries

Fillide, the first project from Jocu, are a brand new concept in professional playing cards for magicians, cardists, gamblers, cartomancers, collectors and lovers of magical things

Our cards don't just handle beautifully, they tell a story

Fillide is one of the last decks to have been printed on Cartamundi's infamous B9 stock before they were forced to stop supplying it. This stock will no longer be used in future decks or potential reprints.

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(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Fillide Acqua

  1. The Card Guy

    I can’t believe this is just the first deck for Jocu. The tuck case is an absolute masterpiece with its stunningly intricate foiling and meticulous detail. The cards themselves have details at every turn. I love story decks and the amount of thought that went into every aspect – from characters to colors to backgrounds to supplementary items – all serve to enhance the nythooogy of Fillide. The cards handle well, look amazing…and are a must have for any collector!

  2. David E (verified owner)

    The Fillide cards are simply a delight. From the tuckbox to the card design and excellent card stock, the quality of these would be difficult to surpass. I have a reasonably large collection of playing cards and the Fillide decks are easily among the top 10 in terms of standard and theme execution – pleased I got both Acqua and Terra! At the risk of being too effusive, service from Jocu was also top-notch. Very satisfied, will definitely be ordering further productions from Jocu.

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