Fillide Transparency Report

Fillide Transparency Report

Kickstarter can be a minefield at times, especially when it comes to new or unknown creators. Recent events in other campaigns in the playing card community have led us to believe that transparency is more important than ever for backers.

For our second project, we wanted to be crystal-clear and up front with all our backers on an unprecedented scale. It is for this reason that we have created what we’re calling our Transparency Report.

In this report you will find answers to any questions or doubts you have about our project. Information on our suppliers, anticipated costs, budgets and order commitments.

It is intended to replace the ‘Risks and Challenges’ section on Kickstarter which is often glossed over in far too little detail. We wanted to pull back the curtain a little bit and show our backers the amount of planning and risk analysis that goes into our campaigns

It’s probably not interesting or fun for the majority of you, so we’ve put a short summary of information at the top. If you require further information, please scroll to the relevant section or email us on

Thank you! Anthony and Alessandra


      1. Who are Jocu?
      2. Reward Suppliers List and Information
      3. Funding Goal Breakdown
      4. The Product – Fillide – Avoiding Problems
      5. Reward Details and Anticipated Problems/Solutions
      6. Shipping and Fulfilment
      7. Copyright and Legalities

Who are Jocu?

Jocu is the creative name of Anthony Holt and Alessandra Gagliano. We are a couple from England and Italy respectively, and we live in the mountains above Lake Como.

This is our second Kickstarter campaign after the success of our project DimmiDeck, which we continue to sell and support through our online store.

If you’d like more information on the DimmiDeck campaign, please visit the relevant page on Kickstarter.

Reward Suppliers List and Collaborator Information

Our suppliers, collaborators and their roles are listed below


Cartamundi Belgium will be printing all of our decks. They are a well-known force in the playing card business and are within just 1000km of Jocu. We will endeavour to collect some of the decks personally from their factory in Belgium, whereas the rest will be shipped directly to Gambler’s Warehouse for fulfilment.

Gambler’s Warehouse

USA and Rest of World fulfilment will be handled by the experienced hands of Gambler’s Warehouse. GW are experienced fulfilment partners for many Kickstarter campaigns and specialise in the creation, supply and shipment of playing cards, poker sets and other gaming paraphernalia.

All rewards for USA and RoW backers will be shipped from Italy directly to GW via UPS and shipped to backers from their HQ in Texas. This enables us to offer free shipping on most orders to the USA.

World Challenge Coins

World Challenge Coins are a UK company specialising in medals and challenge coins for events and special occasions. They are an experienced and established UK company.

Luciano Meconi Leather Products

Luciano is an artisan leather craftsman based near Milan, Italy. He will be providing his high-quality services for our ‘Magician’ reward. We have received samples of his leather pouches (which were produced within two days of making payment) and we will be working with him for this project.


Packlink are a shipping service company allowing us to fulfil European shipments at a low cost. Because of Packlink, we are able to offer shipping via UPS or a number of other international couriers for fantastic rates, effectively meaning that shipping is free for most EU customers and, thanks to our partnership with Gambler’s Warehouse (above) also for the USA.

Funding Goal Breakdown

Our Kickstarter goal is set at €10,000. This covers…

  • A large run of Fillide decks printed by Cartamundi
  • Custom tuck boxes by Cartamundi
  • Embossing and foil on the tuck box
  • All specifications referred to in the campaign apart from stretch goals
  • A minimum order run of custom coins in two colours
  • Leather pouches made to order for The Magician
  • Kickstarter fees and payment processing fees

Contingency Budget – With it being impossible to predict the locations of our backers, shipping is never an exact science. Because of this, we have a contingency budget in place to cover any shortfall in the event of any unpredictable swings in shipping funds. 

We anticipate around 350 backers being needed to reach this goal, so we are setting aside roughly €3 per backer to cover unexpected costs. This will be more than enough to cover any fluctuation.

The Product – Fillide – Avoiding Problems

Fillide will be printed by Cartamundi in Belgium. Cartamundi are an experienced international leader in playing card manufacture.

We have chosen their finest card stock and finish, B9, developed specifically for cardistry and magic.

With any design project, however, the responsibility for design issues is on the designer. For this reason, we are ensuring that the final product is as perfect as possible by taking the following steps before the Kickstarter campaign.

  1. Final draft colour proof run. At our cost, Jocu will product a colour and design test with Cartamundi to ensure that details are printed to high enough quality, ensure the clarity of colours and basically ensure that we are 100% happy with the design as it will appear in your hands. Done and we are very happy 🙂
  2. Research and feedback from the magic and cardistry community Done and no issues raised 🙂

Reward Details and Anticipated Problems/Solutions

Shipping and Fulfilment

Shipping and fulfilment is being carried out by Gambler’s Warehouse in the USA and for Rest of World orders. EU shipments will be handled here at Jocu HQ and delivered by UPS (international or larger domestic orders) or Poste Italiane (domestic small).

Copyright and Legalities

The story of Fillide is a popular folk tale based on legends from Greek and Roman mythology. It is completely in the public domain and anyone has full rights to use it.

All images including the Jocu logo, Fillide tuck box, Fillide back design, all court cards and faces of the cards have been designed from scratch by Alessandra Gagliano at Jocu and are copyrighted worldwide with the UK copyright agency.


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