Fillide Premium Rewards

Thanks for your interest in Fillide!

Premium Reward Tiers work differently. Fillide is a project intended for all lovers of playing cards. We wanted our rewards to speak directly to who you are as a collector. That’s why we’ve created four premium reward tiers.

The Gamblera beautifully engraved gold or silver plated coin to bring some magic to your poker games. With a diameter of 42mm this coin is perfect as a dealer button or cover coin for your hold cards.

The Magician – Italy’s currency has been the euro since 1999. However the old 100 lire coin is perfect for coin magic, and around the same dimensions as a US quarter. On the rear of the coin is the Estruscan (ancient Italian) goddess Minerva, the Roman goddess Athena, who in many translations of the legend was the one to transform Fillide into the almond tree.

You will receive four real 100 lire coins, sourced from antique shops in Italy, and a bespoke, vintage-style leather pouch.

Use this authentic prop to transition smoothly between your coin and card effects, seamlessly weaving a story between the Italian legend in the Fillide cards and the authentic antique coins.

The Collectora unique, 1 of 1 edition artwork drawn, painted and signed by Alessandra Gagliano. She will redraw and paint the court card or ace of your choice and watercolour it by hand. Each piece will be entirely unique and will not be printed or copied.
The Jackpotall of the above, plus a brick of Fillide cards and the option to add another brick for just €85!


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