Who are the creators?

Jocu (yo-koo) was born to create beautiful, luxury playing cards in Europe. Founded in Italy, the creators bring a love of folklore, mythology and magic into their designs and hope to put some real magic in the hands of performers.

Fillide have been crafted in painstaking detail by Sicilian designer Alessandra Gagliano specifically under the guidance of magicians and cardists from the magic community. Together with Anthony Holt, a lover of magic, playing cards and magickal things, they have launched Jocu in order to offer premium-quality luxurious playing cards with a truly European style and tradition.

The Team

What our clients say about us

  • pipchickadee: Great article and congrsts! This project is awesome and I'm legit so glad to see it doing so well
  • CARTAMUNDICARDS: Time to set your alarms! ⏰ ‘Fillide - A Sicilian Folk Tale’ by @jocuplayingcards (designed by @vanillabeans.tattoo) goes live on Kickstarter
  • jacobellisonmagic: Can't wait! I'm going to create a new effect, and perform it with Fillide when they arrive!
  • alantcb: The care and effort you both are putting into this project is outstanding and I can't wait to see the finished product it's going to be epic