Who are the creators?

Jocu (yo-koo) was born to create beautiful, luxury playing cards in Europe. Founded in Italy, the creators bring a love of folklore, mythology and magic into their designs and hope to put some real magic in the hands of performers.

Fillide have been crafted in painstaking detail by Sicilian designer Alessandra Gagliano specifically under the guidance of magicians and cardists from the magic community. Together with Anthony Holt, a lover of magic, playing cards and magickal things, they have launched Jocu in order to offer premium-quality luxurious playing cards with a truly European style and tradition.

The Team

What our clients say about us

  • The artwork of this deck is fantastic. Every aspect of the illustration is done beautifully, especially the back design: never I seen such intricate printing (kudos to Cartamundi).
  • Might the most beautiful tuck cases I’ve ever seen.
  • Absolutely beautiful filled decks by @jocuplayingcards so happy to have these
  • I absolutely love these cards. I also ordered the coins and the booklet, and though I have read just a few pages, I love the mythology! The coins are so nice and heavy. Thank you Jocu, for these cards, your dedication, and for the amazing people you are.
  • Just received my decks here in Ireland, and I have to say, these are easily the highest quality, most beautiful decks I have ever owned. The attention to every tiny detail, and the overall finish really show the imagination, thoughtfulness and dedication that went into this project.