The Green Man Playing Cards

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The Green Man Playing Cards inspired by the legends of the forest and the folklore of the plant world

The Green Man by Jocu Playing Cards

From Catholic cathedrals to pagan monuments, the mysterious image of the Green Man appears in many forms across both Europe and the rest of the world.

Often simply a man’s face made from leaves and plants, other times depicted somewhat unnervingly as a human being devoured by branches and vines, the origins and meaning of the Green Man remain a mystery. Was he a pagan deity? Is he the male representation of mother nature? Or is he a warning for man that nature will always prevail?

And perhaps most curious of all, why has such a seemingly ‘pagan’ image appeared throughout even Catholic and Christian architecture for centuries?

The Green Man Playing Cards

  • 56 fully custom playing cards by Jocu designer Alessandra Gagliano
  • 52 cards, two jokers and two extra cards TBC
  • Available in Autumn (copper foil and brown palette) and Spring (Bronze foil and green palette)
  • Printed on Slimline B9 card stock by Cartamundi
  •  Embossed foil tuck boxes with copper and bronze foil
  • Extra foil accents and details on the tuck box
  • Designed in Italy, printed in Belgium. Fully created in 1000km² in Europe
  • Companion booklet available as an add-on (€5) with over 40 pages of folklore, explanations and analysis of the cards and more!

Who is the Green Man?

Designed in Italy by Sicilian artist Alessandra Gagliano, The Green Man playing cards are a celebration of the magic and mythology of the plant world. After the success of Fillide – A Sicilian Folk Tale, Jocu return to ancient art and folklore, exploring this iconic character and delving into the legends behind dozens of plants and trees said to contain magical properties.

Printed in Belgium on Cartamundi’s premium B9 card stock, our elegant and luxurious playing cards spread, fan and faro beautifully and will bring a dose of real magic to your performances, flourishes and card games.

The Design

Available in Autumn or Spring, The Green Man depict a wealth of ancient symbolism and imagery, as well as characters from European mythology that is little-known outside of small patches of the continent. Taking centre-stage is The Green Man himself, present in various forms throughout the deck including on the backs, and the front of the box.

The matte tuck boxes come in copper or bronze foil and are finished with intricate details and embossing. If you enjoyed the tuck boxes from Fillide, these will go even further!

The Green Man’s fully custom courts feature a range of characters from woodland mythology, some of whom you may know, and others you will certainly not.

The Queens are the ladies of the forest, etherial spirits or characters from mythology connected to specific trees or plants. In the case of the Queens below, these plants are the Olive and Almond trees.

The Kings are the Lords of the forest, rulers of the woods from various cultures and archetypes of The Green Man himself.

The Jacks are those who were consumed by the forest. They are those who fell foul of the rules set upon them by the wood spirits, those who lacked respect or simply heroes who never returned from their quests. The Jacks represent the darker side of the Green Man mythology – that of the man overcome by the forces of nature.

The Aces are The Green Man himself, four interpretations of a kindly ‘Father Nature’ inspired by his depictions in architecture. Each one represents a season and an element that carries through the rest of the suit.

In this deck, even the face cards play a part. Each one contains a plant or flower aligned with the season of the suit. Did you know that Rowan can be used to keep witches at bay? Or that Basil can be used in money spells? Pick up The Green Man Companion Booklet by adding just €5 (€10 after Kickstarter) to your pledge and learn about the legends and folklore properties behind over 60 common plants and trees.


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