50% reached! Plus some more information about the Fillide design…

We’re halfway there! And in less than a day! You guys are amazing, thank you! We wanted to share with you some extra information regarding the design of the cards, specifically the courts.

Sicily is an island rich with history and tradition, in no small part to it’s strategic position in the Mediterranean and it’s repeated conquests throughout history.Each of our suits is aligned with one of the four seasons. Cultures and religions who use cards for tarot or cartomancy associate spades with the Autumn.

So our spades take on autumnal colours of oranges and greens.Each court also references it’s Sicilian equivalent, which resemble more closely tarot cards than western suits. Spades is easy – spade – which means ‘Swords’. Every character holds a Sicilian sword as they appear in traditional decks still used today.

Every ace tells a part of the Fillide story, but also contains one of the four elements. Many associate the spades with the element of ‘air’, and the Ace of Spades shows Fillide sitting surrounded by cold winds as she waits Acamante’s return.

Finally the three characters present are Roman mythology’s most famous family. Giove, his wife Giunone and their son Marte. The three have slightly different stories depending on whether you read Greek, Roman or Etruscan tales so we have aligned the Spades with a roman style. The black suits follow this style, and the red suits have more of a Greek feel.

Early render of Giunone
Early render of Giunone

Giunone, the Queen of Spades, is a key figure in the story of Fillide. It is her, in Sicilian folklore at least, that took pity on the heartbroken Fillide and transformed her into an almond tree.

Other versions attribute this to the goddess Atena instead, and she appears on the Lira coins as part of The Magician premium reward tier. Although technically that depiction is of Minerva, the Etruscan equivalent. You can see how mythologies can get confusing!

We hope you enjoy finding further little stylistic twists and images inside the Fillide deck and we look forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks 🙂

Anthony and Alessandra


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