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Hi everyone!

We’re edging closer to our 125% stretch goal and a companion booklet for Fillide. In the meantime, here is our final ‘spotlight’ on the suits – The Hearts.

The Hearts

As you may have guessed by now, our Hearts represent the final season, Summer, and the final element, Water. The Ace of Hearts shows the beginning of our story, the first days of Fillide and Acamante. It is more ornate than the other aces – this is our Ace of Spades in that sense. The deck really begins here.

The colour palette features brighter colours representing the summer. Bright oranges, yellows and pastel greens. The colour red is ever present not just in the pips, but throughout the cards as it ties in the theme of love.

Love and Water are important when it comes to the Sicilian equivalent Cups, which you can see present in every character’s profile. Cups and water go hand in hand, and those who read tarot will be familiar with these references.

What Gods and Goddesses best fit the theme of love? Afrodite, Goddess of love and Eros, commonly known as Cupido, are both synonymous with the theme. Efesto, our Suicide King, is more synonymous with the heat of Summer. He was the husband of Afrodite and showed that despite her incredible beauty and his repulsive looks, their love conquered all. That didn’t stop her being with his brother, Ares, though… but that’s another story.

Let’s keep up the momentum ๐Ÿ™‚

A huge thank-you again to everyone who has supported us so far. We really want to put the Fillide story on paper and offer a souvenir booklet with even more detail and insights into our deck. We have a couple of weeks left to push ahead and get to that 125% goal. Let’s do this!

Alessandra and Anthony

Projects We Love

We’ve got a couple of projects to share with you today – check them out below! First, a gorgeous hand-drawn Wild West themed deck from Midnight Cards…

WILD WEST Playing Cards – Deadwood & The Black Hills

The WILD WEST: Deadwood & The Black Hills Decks feature historical legends from those regions. Hand-drawn court cards include Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Seth Bullock, Sitting Bull, Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill Cody, Crazy Horse, George Custer and more!

Thank you, and please check it out here


EPHEMERID Playing cards – Precious Metal edition

We LOVE the tuck boxes on these decks. Here’s a description from Mr Cup…

Following the success of the first edition, Mr Cup present the precious metal edition. Each tuck case will be letterpress printed with gold, silver or copper hot foil. A special box set will come with real metal coins to play poker like a pirate.

CLICK HERE to get yours


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