Luxury playing cards retelling the legend of Fillide. Inspired by nature, mythology and magic. Made in Europe. Printed by Cartamundi.

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What our clients say

  • pipchickadee: Great article and congrsts! This project is awesome and I'm legit so glad to see it doing so well
  • jacobellisonmagic: Can't wait! I'm going to create a new effect, and perform it with Fillide when they arrive!
  • alantcb: The care and effort you both are putting into this project is outstanding and I can't wait to see the finished product it's going to be epic
  • CARTAMUNDICARDS: Time to set your alarms! ⏰ ‘Fillide - A Sicilian Folk Tale’ by @jocuplayingcards (designed by @vanillabeans.tattoo) goes live on Kickstarter